How to Stay Informed

As papers using BD-STEPS data begin to be published, main findings will be published in a yearly e-newsletter that will be available on this website. The purpose of these newsletters is to inform the public of the Centers’ activities and current news about birth defects. You can find links to previous NBDPS newsletters here. Remember, all our findings pertain to groups of women; no one will be able to identify you from our reports or publications.

2021-22 BD-STEPS Newsletter
BD-STEPS-2021-2022-Newsletter-Spanish-cover-page (1)
2021-22 BD-STEPS Newsletter (Spanish)
2017-18 BD-STEPS Newsletter
2017-18 BD-STEPS Newsletter (Spanish)
BD-STEPS-2016-Newsletter-cover-page (1)
2016 BD-STEPS Newsletter
BD-STEPS-2016-Newsletter-Spanish-cover-page (1)
2016 BD-STEPS Newsletter (Spanish)
2015-16 BD-STEPS Newsletter
2015-16 BD-STEPS Newsletter (Spanish)